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dc.contributor.authorWatkins, Laverne L.-
dc.descriptionTechnical Memorandumen_US
dc.description.abstractAbstract: The purpose of this report is to assemble in one paper much of the current knowledge involving corrosion of steel piling in seawater and methods of corrosion prevention. The study is based on a survey of literature. Causes of corrosion and the effects of environmental conditions such as galvanic couplings, marine fouling, abrasion, oxygen concentration and other factors are presented. Corrosipn rates of bare steel piles and test results on protective coatings for steel are included. Factors involved in the use of cathodic protection and concrete jackets to protect steel piles are explained. The corrosion rates of plain carbon and low-alloy steels are compared. References surveyed show that flame-sprayed zinc sealed with saran or vinyl is possibly the best coating system tested. Concrete jackets of proper design and construction are reported to be very effective. Cathodic protection also provides good corrosion protection. Combinations of cathodic protection with coatings or concrete jackets may be advantageous. There is great need for more data from which to determine the most economical method of protecting steel piling in seawater.en_US
dc.publisherCoastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)en_US
dc.relation.ispartofseriesTechnical memorandum;no. 27-
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dc.subjectProtective coatingsen_US
dc.subjectPiling (Civil engineering)en_US
dc.titleCorrosion and protection of steel piling in seawateren_US
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