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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1989-09Re-evaluation of the lower San Fernando Dam. Report 2, Examination of the post-earthquake slide of February 9, 1971H. Bolton Seed, Inc.; Seed, H. Bolton (Harry Bolton); Seed, Raymond Bolton.; Harder, Leslie F.; Jong, Hsing-Jong.
1988-11True triaxial and directional shear cell experiments on dry sandUniversity of Colorado Boulder. Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering.; Sture, Stein.; Alawi, Mohamed M.; Ko, Hon-Yim.
1998-01Seismic hazards of the upper Mississippi embaymentUniversity of Memphis.; Van Arsdale, Roy Burbank, 1950-
1989-09Re-evaluation of the lower San Fernando Dam. Report 1, An investigation of the February 9, 1971 slide. Volume 1: textGEI Consultants, Inc.; Castro, Gonzalo.; Keller, Thomas O.; Boynton, Stephen S.
1998-07Preliminary analytical model for flexible pavementApplied Research Associates.; Bryant, Larry M.
1987-09Statistical quality control of engineered embankmentsNEXUS Associates.; Beacher, Gregory B.
1989-09Re-evaluation of the Lower San Fernando Dam. Report 3, The behavior of undrained contractive sand and its effect on seismic liquefaction flow failures of earth structuresRensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Department of Civil Engineering.; Vasquez-Herrera, Andres.; Dobry, R. (Ricardo), 1922-
1996-08In situ seismic investigation of liquefaction potential of soilsRechtien, Richard D.
1998-02A study of near-source earthquake ground motions of three California earthquakes : Northridge, Whittier, and LandersLeeds, David J.
1987-09Uncertainty analysis for dam projectsNEXUS Associates.; Baecher, Gregory B.