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Title: Archaeological site preservation techniques : a preliminary review
Authors: Thorne, Robert M.
Fay, Patricia M.
Hester, James J.
Keywords: Earthworks (Archeology)--Protection
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;EL-87-3
Abstract: Archaeological site preservation as a practice is a newly emerging field. Combining a variety of civil engineering techniques with a knowledge of the characteristics of archaeological properties, archaeological site preservation may be said to be in its infancy. Research on site preservation technology was conducted by means of a questionnaire sent to over 400 archaeologists and cultural resource managers in the Federal Service. Responses indicated several overriding factors. Most respondents had not actually been involved in site preservation activities. Those who had been so involved reported that whatever preservation actions had been taken were, for the most part, unpublished and had not subsequently been evaluated as to effectiveness. Impacts to sites were numerous and could be subdivided into natural forces (such as frost action, erosion of various types, and faunal activity) and human actions. The latter includes numerous activities associated with land use and development plus intentional vandalism. The scope of this report includes a review of techniques that have been employed in attempts to preserve and protect archaeological sites. Divided into techniques termed "natural" and "man-made" which have been applied to site situations termed "horizontal" and "vertical," a total of 29 methods are described. Ranging from earth burial and other vandal prevention devices to natural and man-made camouflage and stream control structures, the techniques described provide an initial summary of the technology currently available in archaeological site preservation and protection.
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