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dc.contributor.authorGalvin, Cyril J. (Cyril Jerome), 1935--
dc.descriptionReprint Reporten_US
dc.description.abstractAbstract: A proven prediction of longshore current velocity is not available, and reliable data on longshore currents are lacking over a significant range of possible flows. Theoretical studies have been based on over-simplified models, and empirical predictions have been hampered by lack of data. The empirically modified, momentum-flux theory. now accepted as the best prediction is based on an untenable assumption and supported by inappropriate data. Regardless of their validity, however, all six of the testable equations agree fairly well with at least one of six sets of published data, and two agree with both of the better sets of data. These two equations may be used as empirical guides for velocity prediction in the absence of a proven theory. The · best prospect for a generally valid velocity prediction appears to be an empirical correlation based on reliable data.en_US
dc.publisherCoastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)en_US
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dc.subjectOcean currentsen_US
dc.subjectWater wavesen_US
dc.titleLongshore current velocity : a review of theory and dataen_US
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