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Title: Simplified procedure for calculating chemical doses for water stabilization for prevention of internal corrosion and scaling
Authors: Walski, Thomas M.
Corey, Marion W. (Marion Willson)
Miller, Joe Miller
Keywords: Water-pipes
Corrosion and anticorrosives
Water--Distribution--Computer programs
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;EL-84-6
Abstract: This report documents two approaches for calculating chemical feed (i.e. lime and carbon dioxide) to produce a stable water to be distributed in a drinking water system. The procedures include: (a) a graphical solution embodied in nomograms contained in Appendix A of this report, and (b) a computerized procedure, written in BASIC, which can be immediately implemented on an IBM Personal Computer or Apple II and can be used on other systems with only minor modifications. The procedures described in this report are superior to Caldwell-Lawrence diagrams or indices (used to determine if water is stable) in that the procedures can directly yield chemical doses rather than requiring a trial-and-error solution. The procedures are based on numerically solving the equations describing calcium carbonate equilibrium. The data required to use the procedure include a description of raw water calcium hardness, alkalinity, pH, temperature, and total dissolved solids.
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