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Title: Design procedures for underground heat sink systems
Authors: Stubstad, J. M.
Quinn, William F.
Greenberg, Marcus.
Best, Walter C.
Botros, Mounir M.
Keywords: Waste disposal in the ground
Waste heat
Underground construction
Electric power-plants
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Special Report;79-8
Abstract: This report presents criteria, engineering information and estimation procedures for the disposal of waste heat associated with the generation of power required to supply the needs of hardened defense underground installations. The major emphasis is placed on the temporary disposal of waste heat below ground while the installation is under attack and cannot rely upon aboveground disposal. A series of sample problems are included to illustrate the use of the estimation procedures presented in the report. All of the sample problems are based on the sizing of a heat sink system for an underground nuclear power plant. Under the design criteria which were assumed for the sample problems it is show that the combination ice/water type heat sink concepts provide the most cost effective solutions.
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