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Title: Stake driving tools : a preliminary survey
Authors: Kovacs, Austin
Atkins, Ronald T.
Keywords: Anchorage (Structural engineering)
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Special Report;77-13
Abstract: The military has frequently encountered difficulty in installing and removing anchors in the field where hard frozen ground exists. This difficulty has often precluded rapid deployment of military hardware requiring anchors for their stability or support. This report gives results of a study of four commercial breaker-rock drills, a prototype hydraulic stake driver-retriever and a prototype propellant-actuated hammer which were evaluated for the driving of anchors into hard frozen ground. The tests found that commercial breaker-rock drills can be used without modification to drive standard military GP-112/G and GP-113/G stakes into frozen ground. The study revealed that, while the hydraulic stake driver would require further development to increase its reliability, it could drive the above stakes into frozen ground. The propellant-actuated stake driver was found incapable of driving stakes into hard frozen ground and ivas not considered worthy of further development as a stake driver.
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