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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-02Automated Construction of Expeditionary Structures (ACES) : Materials and TestingAl-Chaar, Ghassan K.; Stynoski, Peter B.; Kreiger, Eric L.; Rushing, Todd S.; Barna, Lynette A.; Burroughs, Jedadiah F.; Case, Michael P.
2022-08Engineering With Nature® principles in action : islandsWhitfield, Paula E.; Suedel, Burton C.; Egan, Kelly A.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Davis, Jenny L.; Carson, David C.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Balthis, William L.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.
2019-02Trends in the USACE Ocean Disposal Database (1976-2015)Wilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.; Mitchell, Kenneth Ned.
2022-02Observation of crack arrest in ice by high aspect ratio particles during uniaxial compressionAsenath-Smith, Emily.; Lieblappen, Ross M.; Taylor, Susan.; Winter, Reed R.; Melendy, Terry D.; Moser, Robert D.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2020-05Phase-field simulations of solidification in support of additive manufacturing processesAllen, Jeffrey B.; Moser, Robert D.; McClelland, Zackery B.; Kallivayalil, Jacob.; Tekalur, Arjun.
2021-05Finite element analysis of quoin block deterioration and load transfer mechanisms in miter gates : pintle and pintle connectionsDixon, DeAnna L.; Hodo, Wayne D.
2021-06In situ analysis and visualization to enable better workflows with CREATE-AV™ HeliosBauer, Andrew C.; Forsythe, James R.; Sitaraman, Jayanarayanan.; Wissink, Andrew.; Jayaraman, Buvana.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2022-02Environmental impact of metals resulting from military training activities : a reviewBarker, Amanda J.; Clausen, Jay L.; Douglas, Thomas A.; Bednar, Anthony J.; Griggs, Christopher S.; Martin, William A.
2021-05A computational prototyping environment interface for DoD CREATE™-AV Helios simulationsHaehnel, Robert B.; Christensen, Scott D., 1984-; Whitlow, J. Lee.; Bauer, Andrew C.; Meyer, Ari.; Rangarajan, Gautham.; Wenren, Yonghu.; Hardin, Deanna L.; Hoch, Brendon.; Clark, Shyla.; Eiseman, Alex.
2021-07An epigenetic modeling approach for adaptive prognostics of engineered systemsSeale, Maria A.; Garcia-Reyero, Natàlia.; Salter, R. Cody.; Ruvinsky, Alicia I.