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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-02Observation of crack arrest in ice by high aspect ratio particles during uniaxial compressionAsenath-Smith, Emily.; Lieblappen, Ross M.; Taylor, Susan.; Winter, Reed R.; Melendy, Terry D.; Moser, Robert D.; Haehnel, Robert B.
2022-02Environmental impact of metals resulting from military training activities : a reviewBarker, Amanda J.; Clausen, Jay L.; Douglas, Thomas A.; Bednar, Anthony J.; Griggs, Christopher S.; Martin, William A.
2022-09Resilience in distributed sensor networksRatmanski, Kiril.; Vecherin, Sergey N.
2022-10Development and validation of a balanced mix design approach for CIR mixtures using full-scale testingAli, Ayman.; Saidi, Ahmed.; Mehta, Yusuf.; DeCarlo, Christopher J.; Elshaer, Mohamed H.; Cox, Benjamin C.; Lein, Wade A.
2022-09Practical guidance for numerical modeling in FUNWAVE-TVDTorres, Marissa J.; Lam, Michael-Angelo Y.-H.; Malej, Matt.
2022-10Numerical modeling of mesoscale infrasound propagation in the ArcticWilson, D. Keith.; Shaw, Michael J.; Ostashev, Vladimir E.; Muhlestein, Michael B.; Alter, Ross E.; Swearingen, Michelle E.; McComas, Sarah L.
2022-05Summary of ground-based snow measurements for the Northeastern United StatesEngel, Chandler S.; Hastings, Rachel L.; Giovando, Jeremy J.; Gabel, Eric P.; Duncan, Caroline R.; Dahl, Travis A.
2022-09Landform identification in the Chihuahuan Desert for dust source characterization applications : developing a landform reference data setCook, Samantha N.; Bigl, Matthew F.; LeGrand, Sandra L.; Webb, Nicholas.; Tyree, Gayle.; Treminio, Ronald.
2022-08Simulating environmental conditions for Southwest United States convective dust storms using the Weather Research and Forecasting Model v4.1Gallagher, Alex R.; LeGrand, Sandra L.; Hodgdon, Taylor S.; Letcher, Theodore W.
2022-11Meteorological influences of a major dust storm in Southwest Asia during July–August 2018Alter, Ross E.; LeGrand, Sandra L.; Spates, Freddie D.; Ledbetter, William D.; Minnigan, Sherman D.; Thompson, John W.; Carter, Kindra I.; Elliott, Phillip D.