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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-08Engineering With Nature® principles in action : islandsWhitfield, Paula E.; Suedel, Burton C.; Egan, Kelly A.; Corbino, Jeffrey M.; Davis, Jenny L.; Carson, David C.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Balthis, William L.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.
2022-04Tombigbee River : River Miles 81.0-76.0 sediment management studyBrown, Jasen L.; Davinroy, Robert D.; Nguyen, Ivan H.; Rhoads, Aron M.; Lovelace, Nathan D.; Russ, Emily R.; Straub, Jessamin A.
2022-09Practical guidance for numerical modeling in FUNWAVE-TVDTorres, Marissa J.; Lam, Michael-Angelo Y.-H.; Malej, Matt.
2022-05Summary of ground-based snow measurements for the Northeastern United StatesEngel, Chandler S.; Hastings, Rachel L.; Giovando, Jeremy J.; Gabel, Eric P.; Duncan, Caroline R.; Dahl, Travis A.
2022-09Wave attenuation of coastal mangroves at a near-prototype scaleBryant, Mary A.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Provost, Leigh A.; Hurst, Nia R.; McHugh, Maya.; Wargula, Anna.; Tomiczek, Tori.
2022-08A community engagement framework using mental modeling : the Seven Mile Island Innovation Lab community engagement pilot—Phase IThorne, Sarah L.; Kovacs, Daniel C.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Suedel, Burton C.
2022-08Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for flood risk management : results of terrain and structure assessmentsRenaud, Alexander D.; Forte, Michael F.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Bruder, Brittany L.; Brodie, Katherine L.; Straub, Jessamin A.; Ruby, Jeffrey G.
2022-09Informing the community engagement framework for natural and nature-based projects : an annotated review of leading stakeholder and community engagement practicesThorne, Sarah L.; Kovacs, Daniel C.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; Suedel, Burton C.
2001-01Decision Support Capabilities for Future Technology RequirementsCase, Michael P.; Goran, William D.; Gunther, Thomas A.; Holland, Jeffery P.; Johnston, Douglas M.; Lessard, Gene.; Schmidt, Wayne J.; Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.:2000-); Coastal and Hydraulics Laboratory (U.S.)
2023-01Swan Island resilience model development; Phase I : conceptual modelHerman, Brook D.; Whitfield, Paula E.; Davis, Jenny L.; Tritinger, Amanda S.; Golden, Becky Raves.; Dillon, S. Catie.; Szimanski, Danielle M.; Swannack, Todd M.; Gailani, Joseph Z.; King, Jeffrey K.