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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-02Trends in the USACE Ocean Disposal Database (1976-2015)Wilkens, Justin L.; Suedel, Burton C.; Mitchell, Kenneth Ned.
2019-04Development of the particle-scale definition of stress and strain for the discrete element method : Report 3 in “Discrete nano-scale mechanics and simulations” seriesHodo, Wayne D.; Peters, John F.; Walizer, Laura E.; McInnis, David P.; Carrillo, Alejandro R.
2019-09Analyzing the St. Marys rapids for suitable fish habitat : an Engineering with Nature® demonstration projectSuedel, Burton C.; Wilkens, Justin L.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-; Calappi, Timothy J.; Labuhn, Katherine A.; Fowler, Patrick S.; Bachand, Marianne.; Guénard, Guillaume.
2019-08A high-throughput method for counting cyanobacteria using fluorescence microscopyPokrzywinski, Kaytee L.; Boyd, Brandon M.; Smith, S. Jarrell
2019-02Geospatial accuracy of small unmanned airborne system data in the coastal environmentFischer, Robert L.; Ruby, Jeffrey G.; Armstrong, Aaron J.; Edwards, Jarrod D.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2019-06Improved levee resilience through soil application of a natural organic polymer; field study : Kaufman Levee No. 1Larson, Steven L.; Gent, David B.; Butler, Afrachanna D.; Corcoran, Maureen K.; Nestler, Catherine C.
2019-06Rapid airfield damage recovery technology integration experimentBell, Haley P., 1982-; Cox, Benjamin C.; Edwards, Lulu.; Garcia, Lyan I.; Hoffman, Nolan R.; Mejias-Santiago, Mariely; Johnson, Jared L.
2019-06Development of deceleration-based runway friction measurement methodsWard, Andrew B.; Tingle, Jeb S.; Rutland, Craig A.
2019-07Feasibility of discontinuous quoin blocks for USACE miter gatesEick, Brian A.; Smith, Matthew D.; Fillmore, Travis B.
2019-07Additive manufacturing of metallic materials with controlled microstructures : multiscale modeling of direct metal laser sintering and directed energy depositionMcClelland, Zackery B.; Shannon, Jameson D.; Moser, Robert D.; Allen, Jeffrey B.; Tekalur, Arjun.; Killian, Mike.; Carroll, Jason.; Kallivayalil, Jacob.; Schultheis, Benjamin.; Chaudhary, Anil.