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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978-07Toward automatic extraction of cartographic featuresLNK Corporation.; Stockman, George C., 1943-
1983-06Reflection and identification studies applied to terrain imaging radarUniversity of Michigan. Department of Geological Sciences.; Jackson, Philip L.
1980-11Pre-production model cartographic EBR SystemImage Graphics, inc.; Grosso, P. F.; Tarnowski, A. A.
1980-04Advanced satellite hardware/software system studyGeneral Electric. Space Division.
2000-06Research in knowledge-based automatic feature extractionUniversity of Southern California. Institute for Robotics and Intelligent Systems.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Nevatia, Ramakant.; Huertas, Andres.
2000-06Automated cartographic feature attribution using panchromatic and hyperspectral imagery : DARPA/APGD yearly report 1998-1999Carnegie-Mellon University. School of Computer Science.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; McKeown, David M.; McGlone, J. Chris; Cochran, Stephen Douglas.; Shufelt, Jeffery A.; Wilson, Harvey A.; Yocum, Daniel A.
1974-02Associative array processing for topographic data reductionGoodyear Aerospace Corporation.; Radosevic, R. G.; Bruno, Claudio.; Adams, Neal Jay.; Jun, J.
1972-08Terrain factor analysis and automatic color coded mapping utilizing the IDECSUniversity of Kansas. Center for Research.; Currier, Philip.
1979-09Floodplain tree species : a bibliographic literature search with abstractsUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Department of Botany.; Bell, C. Ritchie.; Morley, Jane.
2000-06Radius : model-based optimizationSRI International.; United States. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.; Fua, Pascal V.; Connolly, Christopher J.; Heller, Aaron J.; Quam, Lynn Herman.; Strat, Thomas M.