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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-08Beach-fx user's manual: Version 1.0CDM; Rogers, Cory M.; Jacobson, Kristine A.; Gravens, Mark B.
2016-12Bed-load dispersion : A literature reviewLewis, James W.; Sánchez, Alejandro.; Gibson, Stanford A.; Dahl, Travis A.; Floyd, Ian E.
2000-06Channel stability problems, Iao Stream, Maui, Hawaii: U. S. Army Engineer Committee on channel stabilization report of the 64th meeting-September 1999Copeland, Ronald R.; McComas, Dinah N.
2000-08Channel stability problems, Pajaro River, Watsonville and Pajaro, California: U. S. Army Engineer Committee on channel stabilization report of the 63rd meetingCopeland, Ronald R.; McComas, Dinah N.
2019-07Coastal Lidar and Radar Imaging System (CLARIS) lidar data report : 2011 - 2017Spore, Nicholas J.; Renaud, Alexander D.; Conery, Ian W.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2016-03Combined wave and current bottom boundary layers : a reviewStyles, Richard.; Bryant, Duncan B.
2015-03Conceptual Regional Sediment Budget for USACE North Atlantic DivisionUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineers. North Atlantic Division.; Rosati, Julie Dean.; Frey, Ashley E.; Grzegorzewski, Alison S.; Maglio, Coraggio K.; Morang, Andrew, 1953-; Thomas, Robert C.
2018-11Continuously operating dune-mounted lidar system at the Field Research Facility : a report detailing lidar collection, processing, evaluation, and product developmentBrodie, Katherine L.; Dyer, A. Tristan.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Slocum, Richard K.; O’Dea, Annika M.; Whitesides, E. Tucker.; Renaud, Alexander D.
2016Data integration framework data management plan : remote sensing datasetSpore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2018-07Evaluation of Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Flood Risk Management : Field Experiment ConspectusBruder, Brittany L.; Renaud, Alexander D.; Spore, Nicholas J.; Brodie, Katherine L.
2017-08The feasibility of performing particle-tracking-based flow measurements with acoustic camerasYoung, David L.; McFall, Brian C.
2019-07Field Research Facility : a user’s guide to the Survey Lines DatasetBirkemeier, William A. (William Allen), 1951-; Forte, Michael F.
2016Field Research Facility data integration framework data management plan : survey lines datasetForte, Michael F.; Dopsovic, Rose.
2015-03GenCade version 1 quick-start guide : how to start a successful GenCade projectBlue Science Consultants, LLC.; Coastal Inlets Research Program (U.S.); Munger, Sophie.; Frey, Ashley E.
2006-09Gridded surface subsurface hydrological analysis (GSSHA) user's manual; version 1.43 for watershed modeling system 6.1University of Wyoming. Department of Civil and Architectural Engineering; Downer, Charles Wayne.; Ogden, Fred L.
2009-08Hurricane Ivan nearshore wave data, Perdido Pass, AlabamaUnited States. Army. Corps of Engineer. Mobile District.; Sabol, Margaret A.; McKinney, James P.; Lillycrop, Linda S.
2016Ice Harbor Spillway dissolved gas field studies : before and after spillway deflectorsSchneider, Michael L. (Michael Lee); Wilhelms, Steven C.
2020-04Investigation into laboratory bathymetric measurement techniquesMcFall, Brian C.; Wolters, Guido.
2018-06Literature review of dredging physical modelsMcFall, Brian C.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Welp, Timothy L.
2019-04Literature review of nearshore bermsBrutsche, Katherine E.; McFall, Brian C.; Bryant, Duncan B.; Wang, Ping.