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Title: Measurement of frost heaving forces on piles
Authors: Crory, Frederick E.
Reed, Robert E.
Keywords: Frost heaving
Piling (Civil engineering)--Cold weather conditions
Soils--Effect of temperature on
Publisher: Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;145
Abstract: Studies were conducted at Fairbanks, Alaska, to measure the magnitude of heave force on piles and distribution of stresses in piles during frost penetration. This report summarizes the results of frost heave force measurements on creosoted timber and steel pipe piles during the period 1956-1959 and during the 1962-1963 freezing season. The results indicate that, for the types and sizes of piles used, the heaving forces generated on piling during the seasonal freezing of frost susceptible soils may attain, or even surpass, 50, 000 lb. It is also concluded that for conditions represented by these tests the maximum rate of heave occurs early in the winter months at relatively shallow depths (2-3 ft), and that the maximum pile heave force occurs during periods of active frost penetration with very cold near-surface ground temperatures. Near maximum heave forces were also produced after complete freeze back of the seasonal thaw zone during periods of extreme cold.
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