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Title: Military hydrology : Report 1, Status and research requirements
Authors: James, Wesley P.
Link, Lewis E. (Lewis Edward), 1946-
Keywords: Military hydrology
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-79-6 Report 1
Abstract: Military hydrology is a specialized area of study that deals with the characteristics of surface and subsurface water features that may affect the planning and conduct of military operations. A study was conducted to establish the military's requirements for hydrologic information, to evaluate existing capabilities, and to develop a plan of research. As indicated by doctrine, responses to inquiries, and recent investigations by other agencies, military requirements for hydrologic data are extensive in terms of scope, accuracy, and response time. Evaluations of Army and civilian capabilities in the field of hydrology were made; with reference to the Army, the evaluations revealed an absence of modern methodologies, inadequate resources, and a lack of trained personnel. A research plan was developed to provide a short-term update of military hydrology based on adaptations of existing civilian technologies and a long-term advancement in capabilities through improved technologies. Proposed work is presented under five "thrust" areas: (a) meteorology, (b) soil moisture, (c) streamflow, (d) water supply, and (e) training and technology transfer.
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