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Title: Military hydrology : Report 9, State-of-the-art review and annotated bibliography of dam-breach flood forecasting
Authors: Wurbs, Ralph Allen
Keywords: Military hydrology
Dam failures--Bibliography
Flood forecasting--Bibliography
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-79-6 Report 9
Abstract: Abstract: This report· provides a general overview of the current state of the art of dam-breach flood wave analysis. The subject addressed can be divided into two modeling tasks: (a) computation of the reservoir outflow hydrograph for a given reservoir inflow hydrograph and set of breach characteristics and (b) computation of the discharges, velocities, and stages that occur at various locations and times as the flood wave moves through the downstream valley. The review was accomplished with a view toward using the information for military applications, such as rapid mobility barrier planning and evaluation. The review of available models is based on a comprehensive literature survey supplemented by discussions with a number of model developers and users. An annotated bibliography is included in the report as an appendix.
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