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Title: Military hydrology : Report 3, A review of Army doctrine on military hydrology
Authors: Stinson, David L.
Keywords: Hydrology
Military hydrology
Surface waters
Subsurface waters
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-79-6 Report 3
Abstract: Abstract: Military hydrology is a specialized area of study that deals with the characteristics of surface and subsurface water features that may affect the planning and conduct of military operations. A study was conducted to review Army doctrine on military hydrology to determine its relevance to modern Army needs. Documents were reviewed with respect to five thrust areas: (a) organization, (b) meteorology, (c) soil moisture, (d) streamflow, and (e) water supply. It was found that many of the documents reviewed, including AR's, FM's, TR's, and TM's, incorporated TOE's, doctrinal concepts, and technologies of the 1950's. Recommendations were made including suggestions on what modern methodologies and doctrinal concepts should be adopted and what changes can be made to facilitate better understanding of the documents.
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