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Title: Military hydrology : Report 8, Feasibility of utilizing satellite and radar data in hydrologic forecasting
Authors: Miers, Bruce T.
Huebner, George L.
Keywords: Military hydrology
Groundwater flow
Geophysical research
Water resources development
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-79-6 Report 8
Abstract: Abstract: The army that has the capability of predicting hydrologic conditions throughout the battlefield area would have a tactical advantage on both offense and defense. Such a capability, though, is dependent on a means for accurately monitoring and forecasting precipitation, the dominant driving element for dynamic hydrologic phenomena such as soil moisture and streamflow. In the context of a tactical environment with its associated constraints, the potential utility of satellites and radars was evaluated. It was concluded that, in the 1980s time frame, only the weather radar· can provide rainfall estimates meeting requirements of the military hydrologist. Common components and operational characteristics of existing radar systems are discussed, and a set of general specifications for a tactical weather radar system is included.
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