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Title: Methodology development for characterizing worldwide background conditions relative to smart munitions
Authors: Graves, Mark R.
Keywords: Precision guided munitions
Weapons systems
Electronics in military engineering
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;EL-95-19
Abstract: Abstract: Testing and evaluation of smart munitions have demonstrated that they are highly sensitive to variations in background conditions. Terrain and weather variables comprising background conditions must therefore be included as factors in the generation of Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manuals (JMEM). The goal of this study, sponsored by the Joint Technical Coordinating Group/Munitions Effectiveness (JCTG/ME) Smart Munitions Working Group, was to develop a procedure for characterizing the set of worldwide background conditions which must be represented in the development of JMEM lookup tables. This report documents the test of a multivariate analysis of a global ecosystems database as a candidate environmental classification technique. Preliminary results are promising, although questions related to resolution, suitability of chosen parameters, and number of required cla5ses need to be addressed in further work.
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