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Title: Selection of turbulence and mixing parameterizations for estuary water quality models
Authors: Bedford, Keith W.
Keywords: Turbulence--Mathematical models
Mixing--Mathematical models
Water quality
Fluid dynamics
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-85-2
Abstract: Abstract: Recognizing the interdependence between turbulence closure models required for an estuary transport model and the physics to be resolved in the model, this report summarizes considerations in the selection of the turbulence model. A review of various types of estuaries and their origins is followed by a description of commonly accepted physical transport mechanisms in estuaries. Recent research on estuaries is summarized. Following a synthesis of estuary timespace variability, averaging methods for deriving estuary transport models consistent with this variability are generalized. The equations for one-dimensional, two-dimensional (vertical and horizontal), and three-dimensional models are presented with particular attention paid to the terms requiring closure. Turbulence models are reviewed in the context of a hierarchical approach with commonly used functional forms and coefficient values tabularized. Finally, selection guidelines for the various closure forms are summarized.
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