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Title: Evaluation of existing condition rating procedures for civil works structures and facilities
Authors: Koehn, Enno.
Kao, A. (Anthony)
Carr, John S.
Keywords: Public works--Inspection--Evaluation
Engineering inspection--Grading and standardization
Public works--United States--Evaluation
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;REMR-OM-1
Abstract: Abstract: This investigation has compiled information on numerous maintenance procedures used on civil works structures for the purpose of finding an overall procedure applicable to civil works projects. The information was obtained from available literature and from national and state agencies responsible for civil works maintenance programming. For each data source, a detailed inspection was made of the procedural components involved in maintenance procedures, such as checklists, manuals, rating systems, computer applications, technical and professional requirements, frequency of inspection, and repeatability. The various systems were then evaluated and compared. No appropriate rating system was found that applied directly to the periodic maintenance of civil works structures, and no system appeared to be easily usable and reliable when used by inexperienced raters. However, the Corps of Engineers Pavement Maintenance Management System (PAVER) and the Federal Highway Bridge Inspection Program appear to offer approaches that, with modifications, could be applied to Civil Works maintenance.
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