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Title: Analysis of wave forces on a 30-inch diameter pile under confused sea conditions
Authors: Wilson, Basil Wrigley, 1909-
Keywords: Ocean waves
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Memorandum;no. 15
Abstract: Abstract: This paper discusses methods that were developed in the period 1955-1957 in the analysis of wave force measurements on a. 30-inch diameter test pile in a water .depth of 40 ft. in the Gulf of Mexico, Procedures for reducing the raw data to a form suitable for digital computer operations are outlined, Measurements of wave elevation at the pile, obtained by motion picture camera, were successfully checked with measurements of vertical reaction on the double-hinged pile, suitably adjusted by numerical frequency response operator technique. Numerical filter techniques were used to erase unwanted vibrational frequencies from the records .and frequency response operators used also to derive horizontal velocity and acceleration components (at the level of action of total force) from the records. It was found, however, that calculations of total force based on the measured horizontal reactions at the two supporting hinges clearly could not correlate. This led to a search for identification of confusing wave systems which ultimately appeared to reveal themselves as independent wind sea and swell bearing at an angle to each other. The use of an equivalent force, for correlation with the velocity and acceleration components derived, is finally justified by a pilot analysis of synthetic data, from which it was found possible to recover from the analysis technique the values of drag and inertial coefficients input into the synthetic data. Presentation of over-all analysis results of the field data is reserved 'for a subsequent paper.
Description: Technical Memorandum
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