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Title: Clay stabilization in the Mekong Delta
Authors: United States. Army. Engineer Detachment (Terrain), 579th.
Keywords: Clay--Vietnam--Mekong Basin
Publisher: United States. Army. Engineer Detachment (Terrain), 579th.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Abstract: Summary: This report analyses the feasibility and optimum methods of chemical stabilization of highly cornpressible silts and clays for horizontal construction in the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam. The results and conclusions incorporate over six months of comprehensive testing, and evaluation. Mekong Delta Clay reacts favorably with and lime-cement combinations. Results of this report may be applied directly to planning: design and construction of roads, airfields and other lime-stabilize horizontal construction projects in the Mekong Delta where natural construction materials are rare and costly to import. Lime changes the physical characteristics of the Delta by as follows: (1) the plasticity Index drops sharply due to the Plastic Limit increasing and the Liquid Lirrd.t decreasing; (2) the breaking up of clay clods is accelerated by lime and water enabling the soil to become friable and easily worked; (3) the application of lime aids drying of the clay which normally is above optimum moisture content; (4) lime reduces shrinkage and swelling characteristics of the clay; (5) unconfined compressive strength is considerably increased; (6) California Bearing Ratio (CBR) values are increased as much as 50 times; and (7) the finished lift from a water resistant barrier by impeding penetration of gravity water from above and capillary moisture from below. Quality control, ever important in good construction, is even more critical in chemical soil stabilization. Design specifications must be rigidly followed or failure of the structure will res1at. Chemical soil stabilization is within the capability of TOE Engineer Construction Units when augmented by essential mixing and scarifying equipment in the form of rotary tillers or 7-ton hydraulic disk harrows.
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