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Title: Comparative effects on trout habitat of hydropower modification with and without reregulation in the Cumberland River below Wolf Creek Dam, Kentucky
Authors: Curtis, Lillian T.
Nestler, John M.
Martin, James Lenial, 1947-
Keywords: Fishes--Effect of dams on
Cumberland River (Ky. and Tenn.)--Regulation--Environmental aspects
Wolf Creek Dam (Ky.)--Environmental aspects
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Abstract: Abstract: The U. S. Army Engineer District, Nashville (ORN), regulates flows in the Cumberland River at Wolf Creek Darn to provide for hydropower generation and flood control. To meet future demands for power in the region, the ORN is considering optimizing the generating capability at Wolf Creek Dam by both uprating existing turbines and adding more generating capability. Reregulation of the increased releases from Wolf Creek Dam is under consideration to alleviate the flow fluctuations associated with the upgrade. This report describes and quantifies the effects on trout habitat of hydropower modification and peaking operation at Wolf Creek Dam on trout habitat in the reach of the Cumberland River between Wolf Creek Dam and the site of the reregulation dam both with and without reregulation. The results of this comparison indicate that reregulation will generally have a beneficial impact on trout habitat, primarily because the backwater effects caused by the reregulation dam reduce the water velocities associated with peak discharge.
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