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Title: Final environmental impact statement : maintenance dredging of Newtown Creek, New York Navigation Project
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New York District
Keywords: Environmental impact analysis--New York (State)--Newtown Creek (Kings County-New York County)
Publisher: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. New York District.
Abstract: Abstract: This Environmenal Impact Statement describes the impact of maintenance dredging of the federal navigation channel at Newtown Creek, Kings and Queens Counties, New York. The sediments from Newtown Creek have not satisfied the United States Environmental Protection Agency's criteria for unrestricted ocean disposal, thus capping is required. Of six disposal options considered in this statement only one is feasible at this time: Ocean disposal with capping (covering) at the mud dump site in the New York Bight. A Corps study has demonstrated that contaminated dredged materials can be covered with a sand cap and that the cap should remain in place. Major storms could erode the cap, however, capping to 1.5 feet (2.5:1 volume ratio) will be initiated within 14 days of the disposal of Newtown Creek dredged material, followed by continuous disposal of 8 feet of routinely disposed material. Based primarily on the required bioassay and bioaccumulation testing, the aforementioned study and other studies, the proposed action would not cause a significant impact on the environment.
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