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Title: Evaluation of dredged material for use as sanitary landfill cover
Authors: Poindexter-Rollings, Marian E.
Keywords: Dredging spoil
Beneficial uses
Sanitary landfill cover
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-88-15
Abstract: Abstract: The consolidation and dewatering characteristics of 10 sediment samples from the New York/New Jersey Harbor were investigated to determine their potential for use as sanitary landfill cover. The rates and depths of drying were determined for various dredged material layer thicknesses through computer modeling using the computer code entitled "Primary Consolidation and Desiccation of Dredged Fill (PCDDF). II The various sediments were ranked according to the rate of dewatering and the quantity of dried material produced. Six potential dredged material disposal sites, previously identified by the New York District, were assessed as to their suitability to use as dewatering sites for the 10 dredged materials. This study indicated that, with appropriate disposal site management, the dredged material can be dewatered so that it is suitable for use as sanitary landfill cover.
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