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Title: Trafficability of snow. Report 2, Greenland studies 1954
Authors: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Keywords: Greenland trafficabilty
Military vehicles
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical memorandum
Preface: The tests reported herein were conducted for the Office, Chief of Engineers, by the Waterways Experiment Station as part of an investigation of the trafficability of snows as related to the mobility of military vehicles. Authority for the study is given in the minutes of a conference on "Engineer Activities in Greenland for 1954" which was held at the Office, Chief of Engineers, on 20-22 January 1954, and in the Plan of Tests, Project No. 6, Trafficability, submitted to the Office,Chief of Engineers, on 19 February 1954. The study was conducted by the Trafficability of Soils Section, Flexible Pavement Branch, Soils Division, Waterways Experiment Station. Acknowledgment is made to the Transportation Corps and First Engineer Arctic Task Force for furnishing test vehicles, vehicle operators, and quarters and rations for the test party. Acknowledgment is also made to the Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment for the loan of a snow testing kit; to Mr. R. L. Schuster, Snow, Ice, and Permafrost Research Establishment, for his assistance in instructing Waterways Experiment Station personnel in the use of the Rammsonde equipment and snow classification kit; to Mr. George R. Toney, U. S. Weather Bureau, who assisted in tests at Sierra after his normal working hours; and to Dr. A. A. Warlam for his technical assistance as consultant to the project and his authorship of appendix D. Waterways Experiment Station engineers actively engaged in the study were Messrs. W. J. Turnbull, C. R. Foster, S. J. Knight, A. A. Rula, and E. S. Rush. Mr. A. E. Helmers, forester, loaned to the Waterways Experiment Station by U. S. Forest Service for the period of this study, provided major assistance in classifying the snow and measuring other snow properties pertinent to this study. Engineering aides connected with the study were Messrs. C. A. Blackmon, J. W. Loviza, and W. J. Hicks.
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