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Title: Macroinvertebrates in the Savannah River below Richard B. Russell Lake : Georgia and South Carolina
Authors: Miller, Andrew C.
Bingham, C. Rex
Keywords: Freshwater invertebrates
Reservoir ecology
Savannah River (Ga. and S.C.)
Environmental aspects
Richard B. Russell Dam (Ga. and S.C.)
Publisher: Environmental Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Miscellaneous Paper;EL-91-3
Abstract: Abstract: A survey of the macroinvertebrate community in the Savannah River below Richard B. Russell Lake, Georgia and South Carolina, was conducted in October 1989. The purpose was to collect benthic data prior to maintenance dredging in the river immediately below the dam. The macroinvertebrate fauna in this reach of the Savannah River was dominated by oligochaete worms (64.8 percent) with lesser numbers of chironomid larvae (10.7 percent), the phantom midge Chaoborus sp. (8.1 percent), and bivalve molluscs (9.0 percent). Macroinvertebrates other than these groups were uncommon (3.8 percent) and consisted mainly of Trichopterans (Crynellus fraternus and Oecetis sp.), the Megalopteran Sialis rotunda and the burrowing mayfly, Hexagenia sp. Total macroinvertebrate density at six stations ranged from 237.3 ± 41.4 to 2.480.0 ± 247.7 (±SE) individuals/sq m. Sixteen species of chironomidae were identified; species diversity (2.05) and evenness (0.74) were moderate for this group. Fourteen species of oligochaetes were identified; species diversity (1.48) and evenness (0.56) were substantially less than for chironomidae. Three chironomids (Ablabesmyia annulata, Cryptochironomus sp., and Procladius sp.) comprised more than 68 percent of the chironomid assemblage. The oligochaete fauna was dominated by Aulodrilus piqueiti (60.4 percent) and A. limnobius (76.4 percent). Since macroinvertebrate density was substantially less at the station proposed for dredging, this action is likely to have little widespread negative effect on resident aquatic macroinvertebrates or higher trophic level organisms.
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