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Title: Computer-aided, field-verified structural evaluation. Report 3, Field test and analysis correlation of a vertically framed miter gate at Emsworth Lock and Dam
Authors: Schulz, Jeff X.
Goble, George G.
Chasten, Cameron P.
Commander, Brett C.
Keywords: Hydraulic gates
Miter gates
Computer simulation
Locks (Hydraulic engineering)
Structural analysis (Engineering)
Data processing
Strains and stresses
Publisher: Information Technology Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Technical Report;ITL-92-12
Abstract: Abstract: The project entitled "Computer-Aided, Field Verified Structural Evaluation" is an effort in which analytical and experimental methods are combined to form a unique structural evaluation system. As part of this project, this technical report describes experimental and analytical studies that were conducted for a vertically framed miter gate leaf at the Emsworth Lock and Dam located on the Ohio River near Emsworth, PA. Strain was measured at various locations on the leaf while the leaf was subject to two loading conditions consisting of hydrostatic head differential and gate leaf operation. A quick review of experimental measurements in the field indicated that one of the diagonal members was slack. This provides an excellent example of the value of field testing in the assessment of structural integrity. Assessment of the effect of the loose diagonal on structural behavior is discussed by examining experimental and analytical data. A simple grid model (hybrid grid model) was developed for analysis purposes. Based on experimental measurements, reasonable results were obtained.
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