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dc.contributor.authorLeese, G. W. (Grady W.)-
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dc.descriptionAbstract: This report describes an investigation to determine the uplift characteristics of M19 welded aluminum landing mat when it is subjected to the high-velocity exhaust blast of a jet engine. The investigation consisted of two phases. The first phase was a wind tunnel test of a half-scale section of the M19 mat panel which consisted of making pressure measurements on the upper and lower surfaces of the M19 landing mat model. The pressures were then integrated to yield the uplift force and overturning moment acting on the model. This test gave information on the effect of the landing mat connector and angle of attack on the aerodynamic characteristics of the model. The second phase consisted of subjecting a panel of M19 landing mat to the exhaust blast of a J-35 jet engine and measuring the uplift forces on the panel created by the high-velocity blast of J-35 jet engine exhaust. The uplift forces on the mat panel were measured using bolts instrumented with strain gages which anchored the test panel to the concrete surfaced test area. The results of these tests indicated that the M19 landing mat panel, when subjected to high velocities, will have imposed on it aerodynamic loads which will lift the mat panel from the ground. The mat panels need to be anchored to the ground surface along edges of runways, taxi strips, aprons, etc., where the mat may be subjected to engine blast exceeding 80 fps.-
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