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Title: Evaluation of Alcoa brazed AM5 landing mat
Authors: Naval Air Engineering Center (U.S.)
Burns, Cecil D.
Wolf, Denis P.
Keywords: Alcoa AM5 landing mat
Aluminum landing mats
AM5 landing mat
Landing mats
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: The investigation reported herein was conducted to evaluate the performance of Alcoa Lightweight Brazed AM5 landing mat, fabricated by the Aluminum Company of America, New Kensington, Pa. Fabrication included a new process called "flip-flop brazing" by the manufacturer. A test section, consisting of a heavy clay subgrade, was constructed and surfaced with the Alcoa AM5 landing mat. The test section was subjected to traffic representing 1600 operational cycles (188 coverages) of an aircraft having a 60,000-lb gross weight with a single-wheel main gear assembly load of 27,000 lb and a 30x7.7 tire inflated to 400 psi, which represented the minimum service life requirement. Traffic was continued until the section was considered failed after 286 coverages. Based on the results obtained in this investigation, it is concluded that the Alcoa AM5 will sustain 1600 cycles (188 coverages) of uniformly distributed aircraft operations with a 27,000-lb single-wheel load and 400-psi tire inflation pressure when placed on a subgrade having a CBR of 3.3 or greater. This performance exceeds the current minimum requirements for SATS set by NAEC. The flip-flop brazing process resulted in considerable improvement in the performance of the AM5 mat over the performance of Alcoa AM2 mat previously tested at WES.
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