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Title: Preliminary finite element analysis, Atchafalaya Basin protective levees, test section 3
Authors: United States. Mississippi River Commission.
Palmerton, John B.
Keywords: Atchafalaya River
Atchafalaya River Basin
Finite element method
Soil mechanics
Issue Date: Dec-1969
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: A preliminary finite element analysis was made for a levee test section constructed within the Atchafalaya Basin Protection Levee system. The analysis was performed to explore the applicability of the finite element method for studying the behavior of levees placed on weak foundation materials. Three types of finite element analyses are described. The first, the secant method, approximates the stress-strain curves with elastic and plastic envelopes. The second, or tangent method, approximates the stress-strain curves with a hyperbola. Analysis of incremental construction is possible with the tangent method. The third analysis is a linear elastic technique. The stresses and displacements predicted by the finite element method for various loading conditions during construction are also presented herein.
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