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Title: Effects of depth of burst and geology on calculated SBM peak stress environments
Authors: United States. Defense Nuclear Agency
Baladi, George Y.
Zelasko, J. S. (Joseph Simon)
George, Michael E.
Wahl, Ronald E.
Keywords: Air blast waves
Depth of burst
Ground shock
Earth media
Munition bursts
Finite difference method
Shallow Burst Munition
Blast effects
Publisher: Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: A parametric study was conducted to obtain a first-order numerical assessment of the relative effects of depth of burst (DOB) and geology on the peak stress environments achievable with a 1-kt Shallow Burst Munition (SBM). This paper presents a summary of the calculation results; a comprehensive technical report will be published in early FY 77. Ten idealized ground shock problems were calculated using the two-dimensional, axisymmetric, small-strain, finite-difference LAYER code. The run matrix involved two DOB's (1 m and 3 m) and three diverse geologic materials (a "dry" soil, a "wet" soil, and a bedrock material). These earth media were modeled with a simplified version of the cap-type constitutive relation. Eight of the calculations were driven by combined airblast- and direct-induced (AI and DI) loadings; the remainder were driven by airblast loadings only. The AI drivers were developed from SBM airblast calculation data furnished by the Air Force Weapons Laboratory. The DI drivers (pressurized pillboxes) were developed from SBM "airblast source" calculation data furnished by the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory. The study showed that, within the SBM DOB range, (A.) direct-induced ground shock effects predominate over airblast-induced ground shock effects, (B.) there is little sensitivity to DOB between 1 and 3 m, and (C.) peak stresses at a given range are strongly dependent on whether the near-surface soils are wet or dry, with wet sites producing much higher stresses.
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