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Title: Geology of boring 93 UES, Test Section III, Atchafalaya Levee System, Louisiana
Authors: United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Lower Mississippi Valley Division
Krinitzsky, E. L.
Lewis, Jack T.
Keywords: Atchafalaya Levee System
Geological sedimentation
Lake deposits
Swamp deposits
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: Depositional environments in boring 93 UES taken at Test Section III, Atchafalaya Levee System, La., were identified as alternate intervals of poorly drained swamp and lake. The swamp deposits are distorted and fractured adjacent to rotted organic matter. Lake deposits were of shallow deposition and included thin deltaic facies. The deposits are mostly clay. There are delicate evidences of layering, some nodular and plate-like carbonate concentrations, and some churning by invertebrates. Pronounced shear planes are present as the result of differential compaction. NOTE: This file is large. Allow your browser several minutes to download the file.
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