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Title: Evaluation of Dow Chemical Company extruded aluminum 4-piece 4- by 4-ft landing mat (MX18-E)
Authors: United States. Army Materiel Command
White, D. W. (Dewey W.)
Keywords: Aluminum landing mats
Dow Chemical Company
Traffic tests
Publisher: Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: The investigation reported herein was conducted to evaluate an aluminum alloy landing mat (designated MX18-E) designed and extruded by the Dow Chemical Company, Midland, Michigan. The mat, which was fabricated by Dow's subcontractor, Washington Aluminum Company (WACO), Enterprise, Ala., is a 4- by 4-ft, fourpiece, 6061-T6 aluminum alloy panel. (The panel consisted of four 12-in.-wide extrusions welded together to form the 4-ft width.) The panels when placed are joined along two edges by interlocking male and female hinge-type connectors, which are integral parts of the basic panel extrusion. The adjacent edges consist of extruded aluminum overlap and underlap connectors that are welded to the basic panel. A locking bar secures these connectors after individual panels have been nested. This investigation consisted of traffic tests to evaluate the service life of the Dow MX18-E mat against the criteria specified in the Department of the Army (DA) approved Qualitative Materiel Requirement (QMR) for Prefabricated Airfield Surfacings dated 14 April 1966. The traffic tests were conducted with a rolling wheel load that simulated aircraft operations on mat placed on a prepared subgrade. The tests were conducted with an F-4C tire loaded to 25,000 lb with the tire inflated to 250-psi pressure on a mat-surfaced subgrade with a rated CBR of 3.6 for item 1 (MX18-E mat oriented with its internal ribs perpendicular to the direction of traffic) and a rated CBR of 4.0 for item 2 (MX18-E mat with its internal ribs parallel to traffic). The MX18-E mat sustained 460o coverages on item 1 and 580 coverages on item 2, which is equivalent to 710 coverages for item 1 and 580 coverages for item 2 on a 4.0-CBR subgrade. These coverages exceed the QMR service life of 200 coverages on a 4.0-CBR subgrade. The service life of the MX18-E mat placed with the internal ribs parallel to traffic was only 81.7 percent of the life of the mat with the internal ribs perpendicular to traffic. The mat can be placed on a flat subgrade at a rate of 263 sq ft per man-hour, which exceeds the minimum required of 250 sq ft per man hour. NOTE: This file is large. Allow your browser several minutes to download the file.
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