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Title: Geology and material property comparisons for the MIDDLE GUST test sites
Authors: United States. Defense Nuclear Agency
Windham, Jon E. (Jon Enrique)
Knott, Randy A.
Zelasko, J. S. (Joseph Simon)
Keywords: Geologic materials
Constitutive properties
Laboratory tests
Subsurface exploration
Publisher: Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: This report summarizes the results of material property investigations conducted for the MIDDLE GUST wet and dry test sites to support a program of preshot, two-dimensional, free-field ground shock calculations. Both sites are situated in the Pierre clay shale formation of Cretaceous age; however, the wet site is overlain by a 9-ft-thick water-bearing stratum of alluvium, while the dry site is essentially devoid of soil overburden materials. The geologic physiography, stratigraphy, structure, and lithology of the subsurface materials at each site are briefly described and compared herein. Details of the laboratory testing programs are reviewed, and an overview of the variations with depth of the dynamic compression and shear behavior of the materials at each site is presented. The influence of loading rate on laboratory test results is shown to be significant. Establishment of an idealized computational profile consisting of uniform zones or layers for each site is described. Through selected comparisons of available test data, some of the considerations involved in developing compatible sets of constitutive properties "representative" of the dynamic characteristics of the in situ materials occupying each of the computational profile zones are demonstrated.
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