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dc.contributorCentrais El�ctricas de S�o Paulo.-
dc.contributor.authorTownsend, Frank C.-
dc.contributor.authorGilbert, P. A.-
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dc.descriptionAbstract: The residual strengths of two micaceous soils from Paraitinga and Paraibuna damsites, Brazil, were determined using multistage annular shear tests. Tests were conducted under three normal loads, 1.1, 3.1, and 9.1 kg/cm². Test specimens were densely or loosely compacted (i.e., 100 and 90 percent of maximum standard density) prior to shear. Test results show that the initial specimen density has no effect on the residual shear strength Øᵣ values. In the case of both materials, Øᵣ was practically equal for both the densely and loosely compacted specimens. The Paraitinga material exhibited a slightly higher Øᵣ value than the Paraibuna material, 28.0 versus 26.7 deg, respectively.-
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dc.subjectAnnular shear tests-
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dc.subjectResidual shear strength-
dc.titleResidual strength test, Paraitinga and Paraibuna Dams, Brazil-
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