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Title: State-of-the-art for assessing earthquake hazards in the United States. Report 23, Empirical study of attenuation and spectral scaling relations of response spectra for western United States earthquakes
Authors: St. Louis University. Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences
Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Nuttli, Otto W.
Shieh, Chiou-Fen
Keywords: Earthquakes
Earthquake hazards
Earthquake risk
Engineering seismology
Ground motion
Earth motions
Western United States
Response spectra
Publisher: Geotechnical Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: This report is concerned with an empirical study of the response spectra of western United States earthquakes, principally in California. The basic data are logarithms of response spectral velocity as a function of period. They are the arithmetic average of the logarithm of the response spectral values for the two horizontal components of motion for 5 percent damping.
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