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Title: Preshot geological engineering investigation for Project Cabriolet, Pahute Mesa, Nevada Test Site
Authors: U.S. Army Engineer Nuclear Cratering Group.
Hunt, Richard W.
Bailey, Duryl M.
Carter, L. David.
Keywords: Cabriolet (Project)
Geology -- Nevada
Nevada Proving Grounds Area
Pahute Mesa
Rock mechanics
Rock -- Physical properties
Rock -- Porosity
Rock -- Shear stresses
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Miscellaneous Paper
Abstract: The site of the Cabriolet experiment is on Pahute Mesa, Nevada Test Site. The site media, explored by four borings, consist of porphyritic trachyte overlain by a thin soil layer. Fractured, vesicular zones in the upper portions of the borings yielded poor core recovery, while higher core recovery was obtained at depth in dense, less fractured rock. Flow layers strike approximately N35°E at the surface and impart a pronounced structural grain to the rock. At depth, most joints roughly parallel the flow layering and strike N20°E. Joint spacing ranges from less than 0.1 to greater than 10 feet. Four high-angle faults are suspected in the vicinity of the site. Three of these strike roughly north-south and pass 200, 380, and 680 feet west of the site. The fourth inferred fault strikes approximately N63°E and passes 480 feet north of surface ground zero. For dense, unfractured rock, the bulk density, saturated surface-dry basis, averages 158.5 pcf, while the bulk density, dry, averages 156.2 pcf. The porosity averages 4.5 percent, and the unconfined compressive strength averages 12,952 psi. The vesicular material, based on one specimen, had a bulk density, saturated surface-dry basis, of 136.1 pcf, while the bulk density, dry, was 129.1 pcf. The porosity was 21.3 percent, and the unconfined compressive strength was 7,090 psi.
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