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Title: Comparative performance of structural layers in pavement systems. Volume IV, Analysis of insulating layers in pavement test sections
Authors: United States. Federal Aviation Administration
Barker, Walter R.
Parker, Frazier
Keywords: Flexible pavements
Pavement performance and evaluation
Frost protection
Rigid pavements
Runway pavements
Layered systems
Publisher: Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: This report describes an analysis of results from tests of pavements containing insulating layers to determine the structural adequacy of pavements containing various types of insulating materials and to determine the location of the insulating layers to ensure adequate structural performance of the pavements. Volume I of this report describes the design, construction, and behavior under traffic of both flexible and rigid prototype airfield pavements containing expanded polystyrene panels and lightweight concrete containing expanded polystyrene beads as the coarse aggregate. The results from the traffic tests are analyzed herein to determine why the pavements containing layers of the insulating materials performed as they did and the proper location within the pavement structure for the insulating layers to ensure adequate structural performance. Conclusions from the study indicate that the insulating materials behave differently than conventional paving materials. For flexible pavement design, the vertical compressive stresses and horizontal tensile stresses in the insulating materials should be kept below measured strength values. For rigid pavement design, granular or chemically stabilized base or subbase material should be provided between the concrete slab and the insulating material, and a base or subbase course should be placed between the polystyrene panels and subgrade materials susceptible to pumping.
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