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Title: Research study on soil treatment materials for dust palliation, soil waterproofing and soil strengthening
Authors: Ashland Chemical Company.
United States. Army Materiel Command.
Impola, C. N.
Olsen, D. A.
Keywords: Dust control
Epoxy resins
Polyester resins
Soil stabilization
Soil waterproofing
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Contract Report
Abstract: The object of this study was to evaluate various commercially-available resin systems, both organic and inorganic, to determine if they could be utilized as dust palliatives, soil waterproofing agents, and soil stabilizers. The screening tests revealed that many of the resin systems would perform as dust palliatives or soil waterproofing agents for nontraffic areas. However, none of these used on loose soil at the low use level of 3 lb/sq yd had enough strength or flexibility to perform satisfactorily under traffic. At two or three times this rate (6-9 lbs/sq yd), sufficient strength could be obtained with epoxy and unsaturated polyester resins to withstand some traffic. The emphasis was then changed to laboratory-synthesized urethane elastomers with over 2000% elongation and over 1000 psi tensile strength. When applied on loose sand, these elastomers gave a tough, flexible surface coating. Some problems with surface cracking were encountered on loose, dry clay, due to shrinkage. However, it was possible to eliminate or minimize these cracks by formulation changes of the elastomer and its curing agent, and by a very light prewetting of the soil with water. The discussion of the test results in the main body of the report is in chronological order. The Appendix covers the work done under the Physical Chemistry studies early in the contract period.
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