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Title: A theoretical study of landing mat behavior
Authors: Purdue Research Foundation.
United States. Army Materiel Command.
Harr, Milton Edward, 1925-
Rosner, J. C. (John C.)
Keywords: Landing mats
Mathematical models
Numerical models
Soil mechanics
Publisher: U.S. Army Engineer Waterways Experiment Station.
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Contract Report
Purpose: Mechanistic models are developed to help predict the behavior of landing mat systems. The first model, which is based upon elastic theory, is capable of duplicating the action of such systems under static loads. The associated assumptions are: 1.) that an infinite beam is the structural equivalent of the mat; 2.) that the subgrade is homogeneous; 3.) that horizontal displacements within the subgrade are negligible; and 4.) that the mat always remains in contact with the subgrade. The model parameters are established from simulations of full-scale experimental tests. These parameters are also correlated with prototype test variables. Results from prototype tests indicate that the model parameter k, the subgrade modulus, decreases as trafficking of the section progresses. Contrary to common belief the model behavior is found to be extremely sensitive to the magnitude of the subgrade modulus. Results also indicate that the performance of dual-wheel prototype tests can be predicted with reasonable confidence by the procedure developed herein; use for the single-wheel tests appears to be somewhat limited. An investigation of the effect of end joint connections indicates that some increase in service life can be attained by strengthening the standard end joint connectors. A second mechanistic model is developed to simulate actual loading sequences and to provide a means of estimating the residual deformations of the mat surface. The applicability of this model is demonstrated for both single-wheel and dual-wheel tests. Complete evaluation of the potentialities of this model is not possible from the available data.
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