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Title: Pavement performance models, Volume 1 : Repeated load fracture of pavement systems
Authors: United States. Federal Aviation Administration
Witczak, Matthew W.
Keywords: Cracking (fracturing)
Fatigue (materials)
State-of-the-art studies
Loads (forces)
Mathematical models
Numerical models
Publisher: Soils and Pavements Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Contract Report
Abstract: This report volume presents a state of the art for fatigue cracking of pavement systems. The report deals with prior research relating to the fatigue of asphalt concrete, asphalt emulsions, cement-modified emulsions, lime-treated material, lime fly ash, lime cement fly ash mixes, cement-treated material, and portland cement concrete. A comprehensive summary touching upon laboratory test procedures, test methods, influence of mix factors upon fatigue, generation of typical fatigue curves, development of fatigue fracture subsystems, and verification studies is presented. The state of the art is summarized and qualitatively rated relative to eleven different features felt to be necessary for the development of a fatigue subsystem. In addition, this summary formed the basis for recommendations dealing with future research on fatigue. The basis of the fatigue subsystem is formulated upon the concept that any such methodology proposed for fracture distress must ultimately be founded upon a functional pavement failure. Accordingly, the major results for future research, regardless of material type, appear to be focused upon the development of a distress-to-performance model that can be accurately used in pavement design and management systems. In addition, the development of a probabilistic fatigue methodology is likewise considered to be a major research area. Finally, while several laboratory-type research studies are recommended, it is suggested that most of the research effort be devoted to field performance verification studies using the wealth of existing knowledge already available.
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