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Title: A user's guide to SHALWV : numerical model for simulation of shallow-water wave growth, propagation and decay
Authors: Hughes, Steven A.
Jensen, Robert E.
Keywords: Water waves
Ocean waves
Numerical analysis
SHALWV (Computer program)
Shallow waves
Publisher: Coastal Engineering Research Center (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: Instruction Report;CERC-86-2
Abstract: Abstract: SHALWV is a numerical model that simulates shallow-water wave growth, propagation, and decay in a directional spectrum over an arbitrary bathymetry. It is a time-dependent model requiring a primary input of the wind speed and wind direction at each grid point. Part I of this report contains an overview of SHALWV consisting of the model description, the theoretical background, and the model applications and limitations. Part II provides the information necessary to execute the model, such as model conventions, model input, and model output. The loose-leaf format is to facilitate documentation of future enhancements to the model.
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