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dc.contributor.authorNestler, John M.-
dc.contributor.authorGalat, David L.-
dc.contributor.authorHrabik, Robert A.-
dc.description.abstractAbstract: A 2.5-day interagency workshop attended by river scientists and engineers was held in Cape Girardeau, MO, from 10–12 January 2011. The goal of the workshop was to develop conceptual models (CMs) to guide side channel restoration planning for the Middle Mississippi River. Side channels support a wide range of ecological processes, functions, and biota in large river systems like the Middle Mississippi. Conceptual models are needed to link the physical, chemical, climatic, and human factors shaping side channel habitat dynamics to help restoration planners select an optimum restoration strategy. The workshop attendees were organized into three breakout groups (each with a facilitator and recorder) that were tasked with developing their own CM describing ecological dynamics of side channels. The breakout groups met in plenary sessions to receive instructions, share progress, and to draw final conclusions at the end of the workshop. Each breakout group developed unique, but complementary, CMs that represented one perspective of the complex, multidimensional environmental and institutional reality of side-channels restoration. It is concluded that CMs (like population models) cannot simultaneously maximize generality, realism, and accuracy; only two of these functions can be maximized at the expense of the third. As with all CMs, these are works-in-progress that represent the current state of understanding and practice for this ecosystem as perceived by the individual experience, training and creativity of the workshop attendees.-
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dc.titleSide channels of the impounded and Middle Mississippi River : opportunities and challenges to maximize restoration potential-
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