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Title: Climate change impacts on water and energy for Army installations
Authors: Miller, James P.
McMillan-Wilhoit, Juliana M.
Tranel, Kristina.
Curvey, Laura E.
Keywords: Center for Army Analysis (CAA)
Climate change
Military installations
Cost analysis
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)
Engineer Research and Development Center (U.S.)
Description: Technical Report
Abstract: In the decades to come, climate change is expected to impact the Army’s costs, its abilities to train and maintain the force, and its mission capabilities. These potential climate change impacts need to be considered in the Army’s stationing/restationing analysis process to ensure that future decisions concerning locating and relocating Army Forces are optimized to minimize costs while maintaining the ability to effectively train, maintain and deploy forces. The Center for Army Analysis (CAA) is part of the Army Stationing Process that is responsible for analyzing and recommending pos-sible stationing scenarios to Army leadership. In the past, environmental considerations were not well defined and were treated in a qualitative rather than quantitative manner. As a result, CAA recognized a need to focus on environmental issues, particularly the effects of climate change on future stationing actions. This study was performed to identify and recommend possible improvements to the Army’s stationing/restationing analysis process, specifically, by including climate factors in the stationing analysis process to enable a more complete modeling and cost analysis.
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