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Title: Evaluation of techniques for locating leaks in underground heat distribution systems
Authors: Cooper, Kirk E.
Marsh, Charles P.
Segan, E. G. (Ellen G.)
Keywords: Leak detectors
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)
Abstract: Abstract: This report evaluates techniques for locating leaks in both conduit and carrier pipes of Class A prefabricated heat distribution systems and shallow trench systems. Techniques discussed include infrared spectroscopy, tracer gas, and acoustic emission. Available techniques were reviewed for their success in locating leaks at various sites and for the cost of equipment and services they require. The probability of locating leaks with a given technique is a function of many factors, including system configuration, type of leak, depth of system burial, and other environmental factors. A flowchart was developed to help select an appropriate leak location technique for a given system. Accuracy of leak location may be excellent in some cases, but poor in others. The factors that impede accurate leak location using the various techniques investigated are also discussed.
Description: Technical Report
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