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Title: Construction technology transfer center
Authors: Kirby, Jeffrey G.
East, E. William
Dallman, Bruce D.
Keywords: Building--United States
Construction industry--Technological innovations
Publisher: Construction Engineering Research Laboratory (U.S.)
Series/Report no.: USACERL Technical Report ; 99/11
Abstract: Abstract: The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) is one of the world’s largest engineering and construction organizations. As such, it must use new and existing technologies in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Also, as a Federally funded activity, USACE is mandated by the Federal Technology Transfer Act of 1986 to transfer commercially viable technologies into the public marketplace. With this mandate in mind, a pilot project was initiated between the U.S. Army, Construction Engineering Research Laboratories (USACERL) and the Indiana State University (ISU). Under this project, USACERL worked with ISU's School of Technology to establish the Construction Technology Transfer Center (CTTC) and to develop mechanisms to transfer the results of Corps construction-related research to small- and medium-sized construction companies throughout the Wabash Valley Region. The goals of the effort have been defined by three phases: Phase 1, survey the needs of small- and medium sized construction firms in the region in terms of both automation skills and technology opportunities; Phase 2, development of technology transfer activities based on the results of the survey findings and an analysis of Corps technologies; Phase 3, delivery of Corps technologies to the target contractor population.
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