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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-04Particle size distributions of bed sediments along the Mississippi River, Grafton, Illinois, to Head of Passes, Louisiana, November 2013United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Memphis District.; United States. Army. Corps of Engineers. Mississippi Valley Division.; Mississippi River Geomorphology and Potamology Program (U.S.); Gaines, Roger A.; Priestas, Anthony M.
2017-05Merriwether-Cherokee Potamology StudyHall, Brian M.; Gaines, Roger A.; Lin, L. Yu; Waller, Kandi H.
2018-10Morganza Control Structure forebay : numerical hydraulic model investigationHeath, Ronald E.; May, David P.; Leech, James R.; Savant, Gaurav, 1979-; Luong, Phu V.
2018-04Bed-load and water surface measurements during the 2011 Mississippi River Flood at Vicksburg, MississippiJones, Keaton E.; Abraham, David D.; McAlpin, Tate O.
2018-042016 Old River Control Complex sedimentation data : supplement to Old River Control Complex sedimentation investigation (MRG&P Report No. 6)Jones, Keaton E.; Abraham, David D.; McAlpin, Tate O.; Ganesh, Naveen B.
2018-08Two-Dimensional Hydraulics and Sediment Transport Modeling of the Racetrack Reach of the Mississippi River, 1965–1969Leech, James R.; May, David P.; McAlpin, Tate O.; Kleiss, Barbara A., 1958-
2017-07Channel geometry trends of the Mississippi River, Old River Control Complex to St. Louis, MissouriLittle, Charles D., 1946-; Biedenharn, David S.; Allison, Mead A.; McCullough, Troy.; Wofford, Koby.
2017-07Investigation of discharge measurements of the Lower Mississippi River below Natchez, MSLewis, James W.; Brown, Gary L.; Ayres, Steven K.
2018-10Mississippi river bedform roughness and streamflow conditions near Vicksburg, Mississippi : data collection summary and analysisRamirez, Michael T.; Smith, S. Jarrell.; Lewis, James W.; Pratt, Thad C.
2017-12Bed material sizes, variability, and trends in the Lower Mississippi River and their significance to calculated bed material loadsThorne, C. R. (Colin R.); Biedenharn, David S.; Little, Charles D., 1946-; Wofford, Koby.; McCullough, Troy.; Watson, Chester C.