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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06Changes in hydrology and suspended-sediment transport in the Mississippi River Basin over the past centurySimon, Andrew.; Artita, Kimberly.; Simon, Gail.; Darby, Stephen E.; Leyland, Julian.
2017-07Investigation of discharge measurements of the Lower Mississippi River below Natchez, MSLewis, James W.; Brown, Gary L.; Ayres, Steven K.
2018-042016 Old River Control Complex sedimentation data : supplement to Old River Control Complex sedimentation investigation (MRG&P Report No. 6)Jones, Keaton E.; Abraham, David D.; McAlpin, Tate O.; Ganesh, Naveen B.
2017-04Big river benthos : linking year-round biological response to altered hydrological regimesHarrison, Audrey B.; Ochs, Clifford A.; Slack, William Todd.; Killgore, K. Jack.
2018-04Morganza Floodway : soft opening scenariosClifton, Nathan D.; Lewis, James W.; Abraham, David D.; Bell, Gary L.
2021-01Mississippi River Adaptive Hydraulics model development and evaluation, Commerce to New Madrid, Missouri, ReachGaines, Roger A.; Sanborn, Stephen C.; McAnally, William H.; Wallen, Christopher M.
2021-03Empirical analysis of effects of dike systems on channel morphology of the Lower Mississippi RiverMayne, Casey M.; May, David P.; Biedenharn, David S.
2020-11Seamless Digital Elevation Model (DEM) creation for the Mississippi River in Louisiana to support hydrologic modelingArnold, David E.
2022-08Technical assessment of the Old, Mississippi, Atchafalaya, and Red (OMAR) Rivers : channel geometry analysisLittle, Charles D., 1946-; Biedenharn, David S.
2022-08Technical assessment of the Old, Mississippi, Atchafalaya, and Red (OMAR) Rivers : Mississippi River HEC-6T modelCopeland, Ronald R.; Lewis, James W.