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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003-07Toxicological exposure of sediment-bound hydrophobic organic contaminants as a function of the quality of sediment organic carbon and microbial degradationFredrickson, Herbert L.; Talley, Jeffery W.; Furey, John S.; Nicholl, S.
2002-12Selecting tier III water column toxicity standards for CDF discharges: statistical alternativesClarke, Joan U.; Schroeder, P. R. (Paul R.); Steevens, Jeffery A.
2002-12Development of a rapid, inexpensive bioassay for screening contaminant bioavailability in sediment using mRNA profilingPerkins, Edward J.; Fredrickson, Herbert L.; Lotufo, Guilherme R.
2005-01Analytical chemistry detection limits and the evaluation of dredged sedimentJones, Robert P.; Clarke, Joan U.
2000-04Application of population modeling to evaluate chronic toxicity in the estuarine amphipod leptocheirus plumulosusBridges, Todd S.; Carroll, Steven
2003-04Development of sediment extracts for rapid assessment of organic contaminant bioavailabilityPrice, Cynthia B.; Inouye, Laura S.; Brannon, James M.; McFarland, Victor A.; Hayes, Charolett A.
2001-05Annotated bibliography and guide to products of the LEDO bioaccumulation and adverse effects work unitMcFarland, Victor A.; Jarvis, A. Susan.
2001-03Volatile losses from resuspended dredged materialBrannon, C. Price J.; Yost, Sally L.; Sanchez, F.; Thibodeaux, Louis J.; Valsaraj, Kalliat T.; Ravikrishna, R.
2000-06Genotoxicity testing in sediments: progress in developing a transgenic polychaete modelInouye, Laura S.; McFarland, Victor A.
2000-06Simplified laboratory runoff procedure (SLRP): procedure and applicationPrice, Richard A.; Skogerboe, John G.